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Gavril Pop
Teo Papadopol
Ana Maria Szöllösi
Nicoló Filippo Rosso
Tijana Kačarević
Lera Kelemen
George Roșu
Adrian Oncu
Dorian Bolca
Miki Velciov
Bogdan Matei
Ioana Terheș
Dreaming About my Unborn Child Group

17 10 – 20 11 2020

The Later Edit exhibition reunites the 13 projects carried out under the Draft Curatorial Program over two years, emphasising a curatorial research method according to which the stages preceding an actual exhibition are approached as stable moments and, at the same time, as elements of a fluid itinerary.
Draft began in 2018 as a form of negotiation between artistic situations in the process of crystallisation and the solutions of presentation which they could take in a certain moment of the ptoduction process. For many of these projects, Draft represented the proper framework to test its functionality in a real confrontation with the public, or to generate the work in its stage as an idea, by means of a collective and participative intervention.
Later Edit resumes all these projects at a later stage of their existence providing a simultaneous image, in a common space, of what has been accumulated in time regarding the concept meant to present artistic ideas in a visual form with an intermediary and uncertain status.

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Proiect realizat cu sprijinul Primăriei Municipiului Timișoara și al Consiliului Local Timișoara



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